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Personal Continuous Delivery

I am fairly convinced that Continuous Delivery is the best way to build an application, but I’ve felt for a while that it is a daunting process for an individual to use the same tools that are needed for an enterprise.

There are several offerings that attempt to makes this easier by consolidating your build and delivery process in SAAS or into one package.  CodeShip, Microsoft Team Foundation Server and TeamCity are a few I’ve considered.

I’m going to try TeamCity today because I’ve had good luck with JetBrains tools in the past and because it supports all (or most) of the technologies I develop with.

The download is rather large at half a gig.  At the time of this writing, the link is

I’m installing this (for now) on a virtual machine on my dev laptop.  I have about 12 gigs of RAM, so I think this might work out in the short term.

I begin by accepting all of the defaults in the installer.  This puts the application just off the root directory, but I don’t care because this is a VM with nothing on it.

installing teamcity
Lots of Java getting extracted…


After the extraction, I am asked to select a server port.  Oddly, the default was port 80.  I select 8080 in case I want my default HTTP port later.

I accepted all the default build agent properties, and allow it to run both the build agent and team city server service under the Windows SYSTEM account because I didn’t want to set up a service user right now.

First start up screen

The installer allowed me to open the UI on completion:

Choose a database server
Next, the UI asks me how I’d like to store my data.  I elect the “Internal” HSQLDB because I don’t feel like installing a database server on the VM or using the servers I have on other machines.  I have a feeling I will regret this later.  The configuration does offer all the major relational database servers.


Eula and then Create Admin Account:

On the profile page which follows, I’m guessing the Version Control Username Settings should match my GitHub:ProfileEditor

Next I’m going to try clicking on “Projects” in the navigation header and then click “Create project from URL.” CreateNewProject

PullFromGitHubI’m going to point at a Github repository.






Next, TeamCity tries to guess what steps I need in my build, AutoDetectedNothingbut not much is going on in that empty repository so….


I suppose I better add some code and return to this endeavor in a bit.

So far, pretty straight forward….