A New Application Effort from VeeCollective (and Me)

My friends at VeeCollective proposed that we begin work together on something fresh and sparkly.  We all feel the need to rumble in the mobile dev bandwagon.

It seems though that the most difficult part of writing something that smells like rainbows is, in fact, to think of something fresh and lively.

At first, we felt certain that we should develop a real estate app.  We wanted to create code that would allow us to circle a spot on a map and find all the desperate souls trapped there in potential foreclosures.  Their tormented need would bubble up through iOS and Android portals everywhere to help our users take advantage of their misfortunes.

But then we decided, no … too Dante.  What we needed was something that would make people happy on both ends of the interface.  To that end, we decide on building Six Degrees … or Integrity … or ….  Turns out the second most difficult part of creating this app is thinking of something to call it.

The idea is to open source an app that is a little bit like DropBox in that it would provide users with their information anywhere.  The major difference is that the application would integrate directly with other apps that provide the information, reach in and (at user discretion) change the structure of the information to be consistent across platforms and applications.

So for instance, if you had a task hierarchy set up in Outlook, the app would replicate that structure in iCloud or Google or Remember the Milk or whatever app somebody feels like writing an interface for.  The intent is to write the application backbone in a way that encourages other open source (or private) developers to create their own application interfaces.

Oh, and did I mention we want to write the synchronization to be full mesh?  No central repository that forces users to pay for storage.

Oh yeah, and we would like to provide a complete indexing of the content, so that in our spiffy hierarchical interface, when looking at a contact (for instance) the most relevant, related data would bubble up and cling to that contact with little gossamer threads.

I’d say we’ve got our work cut out for us.